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January 8, 2010


Dennis and Caroline,

Here are some pics of my new 126" 300.   I picked the plane up from Dean Nistetter in early December and was able to get in three flights before the weather here turned into winter.



Dean did a amazing job on my plane.  Very detailed weight estimates were taken throughout the build and in the end, the final ready to fly weight was only 2oz over what was estimated. The plane weighs 42 pounds 2oz's RTF minus gas.  The first flights were completely uneventful.  The plane flew great and seemed to do everything well despite my lack of practice over the previous three months.



The balance feels good as a place to start.  I will need more flights to know for sure but right now, I donít feel I need to move anything around to start practicing with the plane in the Spring.  Dean did a lot of CG Calculating as the build was going on and the work paid off.


Here's basically what's in it:



Mejzlik 30x13

JR Radio

JR 8711 Servos


Build and Covering - Dean Nistetter

Paint- Jim Sheffield

I will send in a more detailed flight report when I can start flying the plane in the Spring.


Wayne Geffon

December 30, 2009


Finally in the air. Here is my 2010 airframe. Cam McCausey Pro-built Extra 300 126Ē, 39lbs, DA 170 w/RE-3 pipes

JR 1222 dual buss 2.4 receiver

JR 8711 HV servos all the way around

TNT lightened gear

PPG Concept paint

Monokote covering



Happy Holidays, 



November 10, 2009
Hi Caroline and Dennis,
I recently sold my ZDZ 210 that was in my big 260, and was going to put in a DA 170.  Pete Rosas, however, had a spare brand new DA 150 laying around so I decided to install the it with standard mufflers to see how it pulled the plane.  I now also only have one servo on each elevator, and just two on the rudder.  There are also some guys we fly with interested in seeing if the 150 is powerful enough to pull that sized plane around because that way they wouldn't have to purchase a new engine for the 126" kit.
I was pleasantly surprised with how the DA 150 pulled the plane.  I fly allot of 3-D, and with this combo I think it will do just fine.  I had the plane in a hover at about 1/3 throttle; when I punched it, it pulled out very strong and kept going straight up until I chopped the throttle. Knife edge loops where excellent; rolling harrier circle felt like I was cheating somehow.  The difference in weight from the ZDZ to the DA was quite noticeable, and will take some time to get used to again.  The plane flies extremely light now which is awesome. I know once the engine gets broken in it will get even better. Take care,  
Roger Nemitz

October 6, 2009

Hi Dennis and Caroline,

Here is my new 126" Extra 300.  It is equipped with a DA 170 on RE tuned pipes, Mejzlik 29 X 12N, Futaba 9157 servos, and Duralite batteries.


Weighs 38 pounds.

 I am extremely happy with the airplane and the service received at Carden.


Steve Dionne.

August 25, 2009

Dean Nistetter, Rick Byrd, and their 126 Extras.  Dean built both aircraft, and each utilizes the Durant Direct Drive control system.


Dennis mine is performing very nice!!!  I would recommend it to anyone.

The plane is on rails. Not sure of the weight or the balance. The more I fly it, the more I like it.


I love the constant speed of the plane. Dean can tell you more about the style I'm flying it. It fits my style to a T!!!! I wouldn't change anything on this plane. IT'S PERFECT!!!!!



June 21, 2009
Thought you guys might like some pics of Steve Swahn and his new 43% Extra 260. Just under 39 lbs, the DA 150 pulls it nicely.
The airbrush work really has to be seen to be appreciated.  Judging by the smile on his face, I don't think we will be seeing Steve fly his 40%ers anytime soon!!  Enjoy

Craig Korsen

June 21, 2009

Doug Yaroch, of A&D Custom Aero, with his 126" Extra 300.  37 lbs, 10 oz, DA 170.

June 20, 2009

Mike McConville and Caroline with Mike's 126" Extra 260.

June 11, 2009

Frank Noll, Will Berninger, and Jason Cohen with their 126" Extra 300s.

June 9, 2009

Dennis and Caroline,

I wanted to thank you for another great Carden offering, the Carden 126 inch Extra 300

Thanks again and looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Will Berninger

 Read Will's full letter here.                       Will's Flying Giant's Build thread.

June 2, 2009

Dennis and Caroline,
Here is a picture of my second 43% Carden Aircraft Extra 300 mid-wing. Built and covered by Cam McCausey Competition Aircraft; painted by Mike Barbee.  DA-170 on MTW RE3 pipes, Mejzlik 28.5x12 3 blade or Mejzlik 32x10 2 blade, Mejzlik 5" spinner, Futaba 9157 servos (2 per aileron, 1 per elevator, 3 on rudder), Futaba 14MZ with 6014HS dual Rxs, Fromeco Relion 5200s and Sahara regulators.  Weight is an amazing 37.75 pounds.  Look forward to flying it at Scale Aerobatic NATS and the Tucson Shootout.  Thanks for another world class aircraft!
Kurt Koelling

June 2, 2009

Dennis and Caroline,
Hope you are doing well!
Last weekend I was the contest director for the 9th Annual Columbus IMAC Challenge.  I am happy to report that the three 43% Carden Extras swept the Unlimited class again!
Also of note - seven of the nine planes flying in Unlimited were Cardens!
Here are the results:  UNLIMITED CLASS


1  Kurt Koelling  8,000  (43% Carden Aircraft Extra 300)
2  Mike McConville  7,825  (43% Carden Aircraft Extra 260)
3  Will Berninger  7,683  (43% Carden Aircraft Extra 300)
4  Mike Hubbard  7,664 (40% Carden Aircraft Extra 260)
5  Wayne Geffon  7,641
6  Brian Sanik  7,466   (40% Carden Aircraft Extra 330)
7  Ken McGuire  7,356  (40% Carden Aircraft Extra 300)
8  Don McClellan  6,885
9  Larry Arseneau  6,756  (40% Carden Aircraft Extra 260)

May 12, 2009

Caroline and Dennis


All I can say is WOW, what an awesome airplane. Pete Rosas and the Council Bluffs crew helped me set up the plane and maiden it.  It weighs 43 lbs with a ZDZ 210 on canisters, ZM 34 x14 carbon prop, 7955 Hitec servos, and Futaba radio and receiver.



It floats like a butterfly and the ZDZ has unbelievable vertical, it just keeps getting better every time I fly it.  This has to be the best kit I have ever put together, and I loved the way the motor-box went together.



Roger Nemitz


May 8, 2009

Dennis and Caroline,
Here are some nice pictures of the four 126" / 43% Carden Extras that swept the top four places out of nine at the Don Carmichael Memorial IMAC on May 3-4, 2009 in Clinton, Indiana.

1st - Kurt Koelling - 43% Carden Aircraft Extra 300 / DA170
2nd - Will Berninger - 43% Carden Aircraft Extra 300 / DA170
3rd - Frank Noll  - 43% Carden Aircraft Extra 300 / DA200
4th - Mike McConville  - 43% Carden Aircraft Extra 260 / DA200

This is a great flying aircraft!

March 18, 2009

Hello Dennis and Caroline,

Well I could not wait any longer.  The weather was perfect so off I went to the field to get the maiden flight in.  The plane flew great.  I am impressed with the way this thing handles.

I did not do much as the engine has no time on it and I was just feeling out the plane.  The snaps, WOW, on a dime.  The plane is very responsive in all aspects.  I was only able to get two flights on the plane, and I am still smiling.
Another fine plane you have done here.

Talk to you later,

Joe Stek


March 3, 2009

Hi Dennis & Caroline,


As you know I recently completed two builds of your 126Ē Extra 300 kits. One plane was for me while the other one went to Rick Byrd. Both kits were received in perfect condition and included the best wood packs yet of all the planes Iíve built. These planes went together straight, light, and with parts fit second to none.

All control surfaces on both kits utilize the Durant Direct Drive servo system which saves overall weight and yields very positive slop free control. My plane has a setup using a DA170, Mejzlik 29x12  3B, MTW RE3 pipes, and a combination of Futaba 9157 & Hitec 7955 servos. All up flying weight came to just 38 pounds 12 ounces which is very light for a plane with close to 2,900 square inches. You indicated when I started these builds that I was in for a treat. You were right. Although I really like the way my 40% Carden Extra flies this one flies even better!
Iím still fine tuning my setup but am closer at this stage than I've been on other planes. It flies super straight and responds to inputs gracefully with excellent presentation. I can't pin it down but there's something about this plane that's calming and causes you to fly in a very controlled and constant pace. I've flown it in fairly high and gusty winds and it tracked well with very little bouncing or bobbling. Snaps initiate and stop instantly.
Rotation in hammers are very consistent with little waggle. Overall, this is a very predictable and easy plane to fly.Dennis, this is a very impressive plane and once again, thank you for developing such high end products for our hobby.

Read about Dean's Durant Direct Drive Install here.

Dean Nistetter

October 7, 2008

Frank Noll and Will Berninger with Frank's 126" Extra 300 at the Clover Creek Invitational.

June 21, 2008

Dennis and Caroline,
Here are some pics of the new 43% (126" ws) Carden Aircraft Extra 300 mid-wing that was just built and covered by Cam McCausey and painted by Mike Barbee.

The plane is being flown with a DA-170 on Greves pipes, Mejzlik 32x10 prop, Mejzlik 5" spinner, Futaba 9156 servos on all surfaces (2 per aileron, 1 per elevator, 3 on rudder), Futaba 14MZ PCM 2048 dual Rxs, Fromeco Relion 5200s and Sahara regulators.

Final weight is 38.5 pounds.  The DA-170 is running very strong and pulls the plane with authority through vertical snap rolls. I'm sure it will get even better as the engine breaks in.  With little time on the plane it already feels very comfortable - it should be a smooth transition from the 118" to the 126" Carden 300.

 Looking forward to flying it at Clover Creek and the Shootout later this year.  I will report back later with a full flight report after I get more time on the plane.
Thanks for designing another world class competition aircraft!

June 10, 2008


Hi Dennis, 

Hope you and Caroline are doing well!  Attached are a few pictures of the Extra with the decals on.  It flies VERY well and onlookers are very impressed!

It tracks very well, snaps are quite crisp and clean, and the ZDZ 210 hauls it around EXTREMLY well! I can tell I'm going to have to go up in pitch on the prop as it breaks in, [it's now a 34-12] as there is very little ground clearance left once the tail comes up.

Hope to see you guys again soon!


Mike Clemmens

MSC Props


March 23, 2008

Mike's "Big 260" with graphics added . . .


December 02, 2007

The 126" Extra 260 has flown.

The test flights on the new 43% Extra 260 went awesome today. Thanks to Bill Higgins for the photos. By the end of the day we got 8 to 10 flights on it. Couldn't have gone better.


The DA-200 is absolutely SWEET!!! It has brutal power. Though it flies big in all the good ways, i.e. very constant speed and great presentation, it snaps fantastic.


Light and as fast and crisp as my 40% did. Vertical power is way big. Rudder authority is killer.


Square Knife Edge loops turned the corners tighter than the 40% 260 did. It has virtually no coupling. A few percent aileron and elevator is all it needed.
Its is a BIG airplane, very noticeably bigger than the 40% 260. 3D is very good, roll rate is very fast with 36 deg aileron.


After several flights we felt the engine was loosened enough to put it on the deck hovering.


It blasts out of the hover hard enough to do precise snaps and keep going straight up.



All up weight including the 8 oz of TAIL weight we needed is 43 lbs 5 oz


Still need to add the pilot so it'll be 43.5 lbs. Very light for a DA-200 and about 2900 squares

The trim scheme is identical to my 40% 260 (and the H9 260) with Orange substituted for the yellow and silver sub'd for the red. Still need to put the checkerboards on the wing and stab tips. Brian is in the garage right now doing that, and lots of bling with graphics.


 As this probably sounds, I'm very excited. It is an AWESOME airplane!
Thanks to Bill Higgins for the photos

See the Flying Giants thread here

Mike McConville

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