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September 21, 2015

Mike Sauls with his pit crew and stock built 126" Edge 540. Amazing performance on a DA 150/stock mufflers!

April 9, 2012

Hello  Caroline

Here is a picture of my  126" Edge 540 you can add to the gallery.  I Just did my test flight and what can I say but thank you for such a great Airplane.  I will be out this year showing the world this great airplane from Carden Aircraft, also, the wing bags are the best!  Thank you for your great service and quality product.

Bob Haptonstall

February 23, 2012

Dennis and Caroline;

I just wanted to thank you both for yet another awesome kit!!! This project is for my own pleasure and I decided to do a lot of the construction with Carbon Fiber for stiffness and weight savings!!!  It is exceptionally stiff in torsion and came in at 36.4lbs RTF, dry! 

I hope to maiden this plane at our Maiden Fest Event up here in Toronto on April 22nd!!  Below is the equipment I'm running:


* ZDZ180 on RE3 pipes, set at a 13" JMB header length

* Futaba 14MZ

* Futaba SBUS 8-18ch Receiver

* (4) JR8911HV servos in the tail (2 rudder, 2 elevator) with SBUS SBD-1 Decoder

* (4) Futaba 9075SB servos in ailerons

* (1) Futaba BLS171HV servo for throttle

* (1) Futaba 9072SB servo for choke

 * Powerbox smoke pump

* Twin 3300mAh LiFe batteries for Rx with A123 2200mAh battery for ignition/smoke pump

* AirMan machined AL wheels and tail wheel

* Full custom graphics by B&E Graphix

* Graphtech G2 CF Main Gear

* Durant Direct Drive throughout!

Some Features:

* Split Ailerons in fully cored wing with CF reinforcement

* Fully cored stabs and vertical stab

* All flying surfaces reinforced with CF Tow

* CF fuse structure

* hollowed 3/8" sticks

* fuse fully sheeted; 1/16" sheeting vs 1/8"

* Monokoted pipe tunnel

* Rear access hatch

* CG came out at 7" from LE with all batteries on motor box!

Thanks again!!!! - can't wait to fly it!!!!



February 16, 2012



Had a great season last year, made it to about a dozen events. Campaigned the 43% Edge and Cuda at all events.  They are in the same color scheme.  


Really love the performance of the Edge, it will do a gravity defying inverted harrier you wouldn't believe and some tight knife edge loops. Crazy stable platform for any 3D maneuver.  Thanks again for a great plane!

Pete Rosas



October 18, 2011


Good Morning!

Hi Caroline and Dennis!

How are you?, here is very well.


I send pictures of the Edge 126" Castrol Aviator owned by Jorge Barroso.  Equipped with a 222cc DLE and BLS 157HV Futaba High Voltage Ultra Torque Servo. 





The aircraft was beautiful and soon will be the premier.  Kit Excellent, excellent balsa wood.




October 18, 2011

Dennis & Caroline,

Here is my new incredible 126'' Edge 540. The performance of this aircraft is stunning. The slow speed handling is almost trainer like with the maneuvers you can do at a low throttle setting and is still capable of any IMAC pattern you want to fly. This plane is just another ''Carden Cadillac''. Thank you both for such a great product and support.

Mike Vascellaro

September 20, 2011


Caroline, this is the 43% Edge for Jack Birdwell.

Very nice kit




April 7, 2011


Caroline & Dennis this is Cameron Morrison's 43% Edge. With a DA 150 and all the servos it weighed 35#



August 3, 2010


Hi Caroline and Dennis,


Just wanted to share a couple of pictures of my 126 Edge with you which were taken at our last fun fly. It has a D.A. 170 on stock mufflers, and weighs 36 pounds. It flies awesome!!


Thanks again,

Roger Nemitz

July 13, 2010


Hi Guys,   

I have attached a couple pictures of the 43% Edge 540.  Could you please forward to Ty for the web site. I thought I would send a couple that didn't have snow in them.


Over the past four days I have flown the Edge 9 flights and it is running perfect. I have even gotten the burble at the low to high needle transition out of it and sounds real good. I have flown it hard and it has performed beautifully.  Talk to Soon.  Only 11 days to blast off. We can't wait!


June 2, 2010


Hi Dennis and Caroline I hope spring is treating you both well as it is me. I just spent Saturday May 29 out at the field with Eric Watz and family flying our Carden airplanes. We did the maiden flight on the new 43% Edge Eric built this last winter. The build is featured on RCU by me and is in the Carden forums.


The plane was built in "Watz Custom Aircraft" brand new shop and went together quickly. The plane is LIGHT! It came in at 38.7 Lbs. The gear is as follows. Engine DA 170 MTW RE 3 pipes with 14" headers. Servos JR 8711 HV with Fromeco Batteries and switches. Paint is PPG Delstar with House Of Kolors UC 35 Clear and Metal Flake. Flames are painted not vinyl. 


Flight test was uneventful plane took off effortlessly and needed no trim! Eric used a fan laser to set all the alignment points on this build. Truly a straight airplane. CG was set at 6 3/4" and proves to be the perfect spot.


We started out with the Air Models 31x12 prop but soon found the Mejzlik 32x10 to be the right prop for this setup. Plane feels "Locked In" now and will hover indefinitely and tracks like its on rails. I just wanted to thank you both for bring the Edge back in a BIG way it痴 a true Winner no doubt!


I have attached some photos the new Edge for you to look at and put up on the web site. Also there are two Photos of The ME 109 with a DA 50 in it. it痴 a real screamer vary fast!!

Also there's one photo of Jeanne and Mat Watz next to the big Edge.  Eric would like if you Could put that one on the Site too.


Thanks and have a great summer. As always I will be back for more planes and really would like that Ultimate when you get it done Eric and I both love Bipes and would love to have a crack at it. 

James D Peters

May 25, 2010


Well I知 happy to report that the new Edge has completed its first test flights. I値l have to say that I was not surprised by the performance of this airplane. I started getting flash backs of my 2002 40% Edge. It was nice to be back in the control of a true 3D performer. I値l try not to get to deep with this review but I do want to talk about overall performance and my CG testing.


The airplane was built per construction guidelines. I知 using a DA-150 engine with standard mufflers swinging a Menz 32x10 prop and a carbon spinner. Radio control is a JR 10X on 2.4 Speckrum using a 9100 receiver and 8711s on all the control surfaces. I知 using 2 servos on the rudder mounted on the bottom of the fuselage just in front of the tail wheel. Batteries are Duralite 5200mh mounted on the back of the motor box behind the wing tube.

TEST FLIGHTS: The first thing I noticed after starting the engine was that the cowl did not vibrate at all. I知 sure this is due to the elimination of the top 鏑 brackets and mounting it directly to the fuselage at F1, nice. Roll out was straight down the runway. After the bird came off the ground, just two clicks of up elevator trim and she was tracking true. I put the airplane thru the usual 鼎G testing  maneuvers. Inverted flight required just a small amount of down elevator pressure. Taking the bird to 300 I pointed the nose straight at the ground and idled back.

The airplane tracked with an almost perfectly vertical down line and only showed a hint of pulling to the canopy at the bottom of the down line. Mixing was about 2% generally. Less than most airplanes. This machine did all the 3D stuff like it was on autopilot. Waterfalls were very graceful yet tight. Harrier rolls were the best I have experienced, very predictable and controlled. Pop ups  were 途ight now. The wind was near zero so I climbed for some altitude to see how it would perform an elevator in those conditions. I pulled full elevator and brought up the ailerons then throttled back as much as I dare. The airplane came almost straight down. I think with a 5mph head wind it might start backing up.

Bringing the airplane down the runway in a high alpha was a pure joy. I was worried that I might not have built-in enough elevator throw, but at full elevator it was hard to keep the airplane from standing on its tail and it was rock steady, AWESOME. Although this was its first flights, the engine had many hours on it so I felt good about the reliability. About 2 minutes into the second flight I had it a foot off the deck in a torkroll. No doubt this bird is the most predictable and controllable torkroll machine I致e ever flown. It also does one of the best high alpha knife edges I致e ever seen. Lots of rudder with plenty of fuselage side area makes this a knife edge machine. Finally, the landing was on rails.

Just a small amount of up elevator to flair at the end. I think everyone has different flying styles but I can say without reservation that this airplane balanced perfectly for my style of flying. At this time I have not measured the location of the CG. I built this airplane using the same methods and put the hardware in the same general locations I have on other Carden airplanes and it flies great. After those first two flights on such a great machine, I felt like I needed a cigarette.and I don稚 even smoke. It痴 a beautiful machine. Glad to be an Edge driver again. Thanks for the ride. Life is good!

Mike Sauls

Semper Fi!

April 28, 2010

Hi Guys!
I've been getting some serious stick time on the edge now!  14 flights so far and I am super stoked I made the choice to get this plane!  Guess the sweet talk from Caroline worked well!  LOL!  I still haven't had time to check CG and weight!  I have noticed some blow back on the ail at full chat on full 3d ail! 

Since I've only got 2 Hitec 7955's per ail I am going to ramp up the voltage to 7v I hear its ok to do this with these servos?!  I've never gained  confidence this quick with a model and managed to pull off a tight rolling harrier loop starting from head height and finishing there!  Its simply awesome and everyone that has seen this beast fly says its mind blowing!  Caroline thanks for the awesome job on the plane lingerie! It fits my baby like a glove ;-) 

Here is  a vid of my 5th flight at the 3d College fly-in

Also  some pics of the Cardens present at the event!
Ill shoot a better vid once I've truly got to know the plane!  Stand by for a great vid!  Guys, keep well, regards,
Craig Baverey

April 20, 2010

Hi Dennis and Caroline
I maidened the new 43% edge 540 on Saturday in Belgium at the 3D college annual fly-in! Firstly, power is a DA170 on MTW RE3 tuned pipes swinging the new Mejzlik 30X13 EVO light prop, new powerbox royal with a built in 12ch spectrum rx, Hitec HS7955g servos, and 3600mah 2s lipo for rx.


After a few flights I ended up with 420g of weight in the nose to get her to balance!  I have all the packs up in the front of the motor box and think it was tail heavy due to the tuned pipes?  I feel she will balance perfectly with a DA150 on cans and the power from a 150 will be more than enough?!


The 170 on this setup is insanely powerful in this plane!!  Ive got 2% elev : rudder mix, 3% ail : rudder mix, and 3% throttle : down elev for down-lines.  No extra right thrust is needed as the thrust built into the cowl is spot on!!


I found pattern flying was very smooth and the snaps are very crisp and very easily controllable!
3D is awesome!  I've never flown a plane that is as good as this is and I'm super stoked I made the right choice!  Stay tuned for some vids!

Thank you once again for all the support and hours on the phone.

Kind Regards
Craig Baverey

March 22, 2010

It flies!  Read Doug's Flight report here.

March 9, 2010

Dough Yaroch of A&D Custom Aero shows off the first of the 126" Carden Edges!  Congratulations Doug, we can't wait to hear the flight report!

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