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October 30, 2004

Chase Wolk (L) and David Payne ( R ) unwind after a great day of flying. 

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August 20, 2004

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 I got my smoke system up and going today. Another great day of flying.

david_payne-40edge-3746.JPG (48442 bytes)  david_payne-40edge-03.JPG (61081 bytes)  night flying by moon light! , David Payne

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August 4, 2004
Caroline and Dennis,

I wanted to send a picture of my 40% Carden Edge 540 and my favorite IMAC sequence ‘caller’, Briana. She helped me take 3rd in Sportsman a couple weekends back up in Waukesha, WI at Frank Morrissey’s contest. We got our picture on the IMAC web site too. Briana was thrilled and had to show all her friends she had “made” the internet!  Haha!!  Thank you for being the wonderful ambassadors you are to this great family activity.

Best regards, Jeff Mueller

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July 16, 2004
Hi Dennis and Caroline;

 Well, here it is !!!     My 35% Carden EDGE 540…..I JUST LOVE IT !!!!

dan_mertes-35edge-060.JPG (235914 bytes)


My Dad and I appreciate your back-up support and advise while building. We not only ended up with the best plane out on the market, we gained two GREAT friends!

dan_mertes-35edge-063.JPG (100921 bytes)



My first flight only took two clicks of up elevator to trim it out !

I have a little over 40 flights on my EDGE so far. This plane is unbelievably stable !!!

dan_mertes-35edge-076.JPG (118663 bytes)  

No matter if I am in a hover, harrier landing, rolling harrier, torque roll, knife edge or just flat and level fly-bys, It’s Right On The Money !!!

dan_mertes-35edge-100.JPG (161011 bytes)  

This plane is so stable in harrier landings, I almost forgot what it is like to land in a normal fashion !  

dan_mertes-35edge-126.JPG (165242 bytes)



Thanks again for designing such a GREAT plane !

Bryce Mertes

 P.S. My Dad (Dan) said he is waiting for his college diploma from “Professor Dennis” !

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June 7, 2004
Hi Caroline, 

Here are some pictures of my 40% Edge that Louis built. It has a 3W-150 on canisters and all JR 8611 servos.    

rick_meyer_40edge_020.jpg (139984 bytes)


This is one of the best flying planes I've had, Louis does a great job put them together.

rick_meyer_40edge_024.jpg (123979 bytes)

rick_meyer_40edge_004.jpg (136234 bytes) rick_meyer_40edge_003.jpg (143005 bytes)

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Love the Yellow wing bags also:-).......Rick Meyer

doug_cunning-40edge--04-01.jpg (86747 bytes) June 3, 2004 
Hi Dennis and Caroline,
 Attached are a few pics of my 40% Edge that I am flying this year. It has a DA 150 and a JR radio and as you can tell from the pics I am real comfortable with it, its a very stable airplane and a blast to fly.  
doug_cunning-40edge--04-02.jpg (76420 bytes)
Keep up the good work!!
Thanks, Doug Cunning

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June 3, 2004 

Hey Dennis and Caroline 
 Here are two of the pictures for the web site. They are a little blurry but I will send you some more in another email.  You can also put this on the web page with the pictures; "I think Carden airplanes are the best. 
chase_wolk-40edge-4.jpg (49620 bytes)

I've flown a lot of aerobatic airplanes and none transfer from 3-D    to competition flying like a Carden. 
   Love ya'll
   Chase Wolk
chase_wolk_rolling_harrier-40edge.jpg (31962 bytes)  


 Chase doing a rolling harrier at the Chattanooga Fly in 2004

mark_trent_new-edge-105-0513.jpg (85852 bytes)
March 22, 2004 
Dennis & Caroline, 

Here are some pics of the new edge. I put 4 flights on it this last Sunday, the 21st of March. It was cold and windy but we needed to get the maiden out of the way!  Even though there were 20mph winds with 30mph gusts it flew like it was on rails.   The 3D capability was even awesome in all that wind. It flies like a big kite. 
mark_trent_new-edge-105-0513.jpg (85852 bytes)
All my brave friends were out to see it and all commented on how light it seemed to fly. Hopefully I can get it weighed this week to see where it came out. I want to thank both of you for all your help and designing such an awesome airplane. This plane flies like I want it to and I look forward to improving my flying this year.

Thanks again, Mark Trent
mark_trent_new-edge-105-0524.jpg (75817 bytes) mark_trent_new-edge-radio-gear.jpg (128105 bytes) mark_trent_new-edge-side-pic.jpg (79895 bytes)

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January 23, 2004

Dennis and Caroline,
 I really enjoyed meeting you at the Lebanon, TN Fly-In. Here are 2 pics of my Carden 40% Edge that used to be owned by Wayne Mathews of Sew Busy, and then by Darren Eaton. I just changed the covering scheme a little. Craig Harris is the original builder. The plane flies GREAT!! You did an excellent job designing it. I love the authority it has in 3D manoeuvres, and how neutral it is.  
jack_estes-40edge-01.jpg (135220 bytes)
38 pounds with: 3W 150, Powerflite Lithium Ion Batteries, JR 8103, 
Hitec 5945 and 5735 servos, SWB servo tray, Prince Aircraft 32X10 prop
Thanks for a wonderful airplane!!
 Jack Estes,  Memphis, TN

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January 15, 2004


This Alex Lowe from Isreal with his 40% Edge 540

alex_louw-40edge-jan-1.jpg (163455 bytes)

alex_louw-40edge-udi-1.jpg (90258 bytes)

mike_clemmens-40edge-001-800.JPG (134203 bytes)
 October 07, 2003
Hi Dennis and Caroline!
Hope things are going well! Attached is a picture of my 40% Edge. Thought you might like to see it.
 Thanks, Mike Clemmens

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 August 18, 2003

Caroline, Nice to talk with you this morning.

I bought Matt Stek's older Edge about six months ago and although this is my first Carden Edge, I have enjoyed every minute since. 
tim_davie_40edge-032.jpg (48329 bytes)
I'm not sure when it was built or how many flights it has, but It is without doubt the most "solid" plane I have owned.  I had always wondered how the Carden pilots were not affected by gusty conditions as much as other models; or how the tail effortlessly fell over the nose in a waterfall. 
tim_davie_40edge-033.jpg (35571 bytes)
These are only a couple of examples that I have found that makes your 40% Edge 'the most' effortless plane to 3D that I have owned.  I have included a few pics:
Tim Davie
Tulsa Ok

kevin_bass_40edge-832.JPG (121368 bytes)
July 28, 2003
Hello Dennis and Caroline!
 Well after 3 Air Force deployments to Iraq and 3 deployments to Afghanistan, I have finally completed my 40% Edge. Start date was New Year's Day 2003 and first flight was Sunday 27 July. I am proud to say that this is my first Carden I have ever built and it trimmed out with 1 click of up elevator and 1 click of right aileron. 
kevin_bass_40edge-875.JPG (62447 bytes)

Thanks for all of your help. 

I must also give thanks to Craig Harris of Kennesaw, GA . He is the originator of the covering design and colors.  I just could not resist having the same design on my EDGE. Thanks Craig, hope you didn't mind! The plane flies great, and you have great service! Don't change a thing! 
Thanks again! Kevin Bass

jamie_snipes-40edge-nose.JPG (86310 bytes)
Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2003 9:59 PM
Subject: 40% Edge
Hello Dennis and Caroline,
In making the move from 35% to 40%, I took your advice on contacting Tim and Andrew Jesky about purchasing their ready-to-fly 40% Carden Edge 540.  
jamie_snipes-40edge-nose2.JPG (73336 bytes)


Wow ... am I glad I did!  The plane only had 25 or so flights and looked great so I made the purchase.

jamie_snipes-40edge-side.JPG (124374 bytes)

After 16 flights with it, I am all smiles!  It flies straight, true, and stable with surprisingly little pitch or roll coupling on knife edge.

I am finding point rolls, rolling circles, knife edge loops, harriers, and high alpha knife edge to be easy to pull off with good precision. 

jamie_snipes-40edge-tilt.JPG (100777 bytes)
 I'm still working on the torque rolls down low and rolling harriers ... the plane is much better than me right now! 

 I look forward to getting more and more stick time.  The DA-150 is the perfect match for the airframe, as expected.

jamie_snipes-40edge-side2.JPG (135227 bytes)
I've attached a few pictures.  Thanks again for another great product!
Jamie Snipes
Durham, NC 

joseph_tropea_40edge-BSP.jpeg (72332 bytes)

Sent: Monday, June 16, 2003 3:40 PM
Subject: My first Carden experience

Hello Caroline and Dennis:

I FINALLY got a chance this weekend to fly my very first 40% Carden Edge. There are no words to truly express what the experience was like.  I was fortunate enough to have a very skilled Steve Swan help me out with some programming and the maiden flight. When I flew the airplane on my own, I was
simply astounded at how honest the airplane really is. It takes of all on it's own and once I line it up to land, I never touch the transmitter.

joseph_tropea_40edge-RIW.jpeg (80383 bytes)

Learning how to perform elevators and blenders is so easy, it reminds me of when I learned how to loop my first .40 sized trainer. In just four flights I have decided to weed out all of my (now) unwanted .60 to 120 sized "junks" and get ready for Caroline to send me the new baby extra.

I commend both of you for all your hard work and dedication. You make this hobby a pleasure to be in. Unfortunately, I did NOT build this airplane. This airplane was built by a gentleman named Steve Winter. He made the terrible mistake of selling one of
the nicest airplanes I have ever seen to me :).

Best regards, Joseph Tropea

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