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Sent: Thursday, May 22, 2003 11:00 PM
Subject: John Light's Back up Carden 40% Edge 540

Caroline and Dennis,
I am sending some pictures in of my new Carden 40% back up Edge.
DA 150, True Turn Spinner, PAC 32-10 Prop, JR 10X, (2) 950 Receivers and JR 8411 Servos, Surelink Pull/Pull system, PowerFlight Batteries (2) 4400 and (1) 2200 w/ adjustable regulators, Dubro Hardware, Monokote covering, 
Graphics by Aerographix
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Wing Bags by Caroline

I flew it for the first time this weekend at the Show-Me R/C Extravaganza in Jefferson City, MO. They had 100 plus pilots and Carden birds were everywhere.

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We had a very good showing of Carden aircraft all weekend and to top it off my new Edge flew great!! 

One click of down trim and that was it! I absolutly love it, the 40%er Fly's awesome and is a hovering/torque rolling machine. 

John Light

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Special Thanks to my sponsors,
Carden Aircraft, Desert Aircraft, TNT Landing Gear, PowerFlight Battery Systems, Tru Turn, Dubro, Raudenbush Synthetics (Amsoil)

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From: Glenn Dunlap
Sent: Monday, June 02, 2003 6:10 PM
Subject: Edge 540 Glenn Dunlap

Dennis and Caroline here is my latest Carden. 
glen_dunlap_40edge-667.jpg (194723 bytes)

Terry Boston built it for me (lucky for me he only lives 10 minutes away) and I covered it. 

Haven't flown it yet but hope to soon. Modeled by my 7 year old daughter Katie at Hamilton, Ohio Airport.


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April 29, 2003

Hello Dennis & Caroline

You probably don't remember me but you folks made me a Great set of wing bags for my 70 % Staudacher. 

bob_sawyer_40edge-113.jpg (61665 bytes)

Today I wanted to send you a couple pics of my recently completed Carden 540 with a 3W 200 for power.

Let me tell you, this thing rocks.

bob_sawyer_40edge-108.jpg (97949 bytes)

Many thanks for a great airframe.

Sincerely Bob Sawyer

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April 20th, 2003

This is my second 40% Edge 540 which I just finished. 3w150, 8411's Seiko servo on rudder. Duralite Plus batteries. Monokote. 

jim_bauer-edge7.jpg (58348 bytes)

That's my lovely wife Christy posing in the second photo.

See my first 40% Edge in Gallery 5

Another great Carden kit. thanks, Jim Bauer

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April 20th, 2003

Hi Caroline and Dennis

It is a GREAT Kit and I hope the photos prove you don't have to buy some ultra expensive all composite kit to get a Kirby Chamblis scheme!!  

keith_sessios_40edge-chamblis-40.jpg (74434 bytes)

I did  all of the building, covering, and airbrushing on it.  Haven't flown it  yet, but am DYING to get it in the air.  Maybe the week after Toledo!!!

Keith Sessions

See more pics on the Toledo Gallery

keith_sessios_40edge-chamblis-54.jpg (62997 bytes)

keith_sessios_40edge-chamblis-58.jpg (63342 bytes)

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April 20th, 2003

Here are twins built by Louis Cribb 40% Edge & 35%.
Both have same radio equipment, Both fly great.
Thank you
Chris Smith

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May 1st, 2003

Hi Dennis and Caroline,

 Here are a couple more pic's of my 540

Flies great.

Thanks again, Joel Coker

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March 31, 2003

Hi Dennis and Caroline,

Here's a pic of my new 540 that i purchased last summer . It flys great !!!  Thanks for a great plane. I have a 3w-TOC 150--Powerflite batteries--Hitec servos--TME smoke system. It weighs 37lbs 10oz.
Thank You,    Joel Coker

dave_schwartz_40edge-022.jpg (47675 bytes)
March 2nd, 2003

Thanks Dennis,

This was a great building kit, construction was a breeze.  Covered in ultra-cote and painted with PPG poly urethane.  Powered by 3W TOC 150 and 3W'S new variable pitch prop  which gives fantastic performance. Has JR 10X and 8411's through out. 'Nuff said. The plane is FREEKIN' RADICAL GUY'S.   I LOVE IT.

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February 12, 2003 4:07 PM
Subject: Edge

Dennis and Caroline,

andrew_jesky_40edge-319.jpg (98006 bytes)
I thought I would drop you off some pictures of my Edge that you saw in Dayton except this time it has graphics on it. 

Sure looks a lot better now. Well tell me what ya' think?

andrew_jesky_40edge-323.jpg (97816 bytes)
Thanks again for a great plane,
Andrew Jesky


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Feb 2nd, 2003

Pete Warlick of Georgia owns these two 40% Edge 540s  Pete sponsors "Team Flatout". 

pete_warlick_team-flatout-40edge-01.jpg (58912 bytes)

They like to help the kids, One of the Kids is my son, the left, His name is Andrew Burnette and he is 14.

pete_warlick_team-flatout-40edge-02.jpg (48503 bytes)

Sam Burnette

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