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john_bradley-edge-1.jpg (67160 bytes) Hey Dennis and Caroline not sure if you got these pics of my Edge. She flys as good as she looks. Thanks for another great plane.

John Bradley
Classic Awards & Engraving
150 Winston Dr.
Athens, GA
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Feb 18th, 2002

Two great things happened to Nick Foster this past week.  #1 - He turned 16.  #2 - He saw the maiden flight of his new 40% Carden Edge 540.  I don't know which one he was more excited about #1 or #2.   GIANT THANKS to Wayne Matthews, Russell Reel, Ron Storer and especially Caroline and Dennis.

nick_foster-edge-038.jpg (39281 bytes)

The plane is set up with a DA150, Pefa canister mufflers and a MSC prop.  The DB readings were unbelievably low.Russell rolled it out about a 100 feet and when it broke ground it looked like it was a home sick angel headed for the heavens.Russell kept saying "Sweet".   

nick_foster-edge-039.jpg (42830 bytes)
Full Scale scheme Vicki Cruise

After reaching about 300 feet with about two clicks of down elevator and no other trim required, he started putting the plane through it's paces.As one teeny weeny itsy bitty Jamaican that flies would say OOOOOOOHHHHHHH! It looked sweet.

Dave Foster, Atlanta

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Hello Dennis and Caroline, 

I just wanted to send you hot off the press photos of my new 40% Edge 540. 

dave_naylor-40edge-2002-71.jpg (45522 bytes)

Once again you have outdone yourselves with another beautiful kit.

I just got it completely done and couldn't wait to send pic's.

dave_naylor-40edge-2002-72.jpg (38517 bytes)

It has a DA-150 and Hitec HS-5945 digital servos, two receivers and all the other normal goodies. Can't wait to fly it, maybe in the next two weeks.   Thank you for all the help and support.

 Dave Naylor

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June 13th, 2002

Hello everyone, Just wanted to send you a picture of how much fun my 40% Edge 540 is. I think by this picture you can tell how much I like it. Dennis and the gang sure out did themselves with this plane. Till next time, Thanks Dave Naylor

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Hi Bob, 

Attached are pics of 40% Edge #2. With this machine I went with the new 3-W150 "light case" engine. I am very pleased with the performance, totally burble free at any throttle setting! It may as well be an electric motor !

kirk_jensen_edge40-2.jpg (28933 bytes)

 JR 8411's everywhere except rudder, 2 Multliplex Jumbo Speeds there.

Powerflite lithium-ion 3600 packs on 2 RX's, 1800 on ignition. 

kirk_jensen_edge40-3.jpg (22326 bytes)

As you can see, your covering scheme was used again, but a negative from #1. Also attached is a picture of the nose cone I had to add to my trailer to haul the darn thing.

Regards, Kirk Jensen


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