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Carden Aircraft PRO Series Kits

124" Extra 300 PRO

An evolution or our 118" Extra 300, the 124" Extra 300 PRO is a two place competition model with increased pitch and yaw moments over the original 118" version. 

Wingspan:  124

Scale:  39.4%

Length: 119

Wing Area:  2728"

Weight: 37 - 40 lbs

(37# +/- 150-170cc, 40# +/- DA200L )

Price: $1995.00 (plus shipping)

120" Extra 300s PRO

The single place Extra 300s PRO combines the best of the our original 118" Extra 330s design with the advances of the award winning 124" Extra 300 PRO.

Wingspan:  120

Scale:  40.6%

Length: 115" 

Wing Area:  2676"

Weight: 37 - 40 lbs

(37# +/- 150-170cc, 40# +/- DA200L )

Price: $1995.00 (plus shipping)

Carden Aircraft PRO Series Kits include the following standard features:

  • Simple Construction - Tab lock, CNC router cut motor box with pre-cut slots for twin or four cylinder engines.

  • Carbon Fiber Wing and Stab Tubes, and Carbon Fiber re-enforcing stock.

  • Precision Foam Flying Surfaces

  • Edge Trued Balsa Sheeting

  • Built up Fuselage: Balsa, Plywood and Foam Core Parts

  • Aluminum Landing Gear

  • Clear Epoxy-Glass Cowl, Wheel Pants, and Landing Gear Cuffs

  • Clear Canopy

  • Accurate Plans, Detailed Instructions

  • Unequalled Precision Performance

  • Exceptional Quality

Extra 300 PRO - Kurt and Lou 2014 IMAC World Championships

Read Kurt's concept and flight (updated 7/11/14) report here.

Mike and Brian - 2002 ToC Freestyle takeoff.

Ivan and his Extra 300 PRO.

Frank and Greg - Testing the prototype Extra 330s.

Rusty's Extra 300 PRO (front) and 118" Extra 300 (back).

Steve's Extra 330s in Patty livery.

Extra 300 PRO Gallery

Extra 330s Galleries  2002 ToC Gallery

Carden Online Store

At Carden you are welcome to call Caroline or Dennis for personalized service.

Competition Corner

2017 Scale Aerobatics NATs

Carden Aircraft congratulates all the pilots who competed at the 2017 Scale Aerobatics NATs and offers a special thanks to those who choose Carden Aircraft for their competition airframes.  At Carden Aircraft we know and appreciate the dedication and discipline required in pursuing IMAC excellence.

2016 Clover Creek IMAC / Freestyle Invitational

Evan Turner and Sam Pankratz with their "sister" PROs at the 2016 Clover Creek IMAC / Freestyle Invitational.

Evan placed 2nd in Advanced, and 10th in Freestyle.  Sam placed 1st in Sportsman.

 Link to Evan's Freestyle:

Carden Aircraft extends a heartfelt congratulations to all the pilots and crew who competed in the inaugural IMAC World Championships.  We understand and appreciate the hard work and dedication by all involved in this groundbreaking scale aerobatics competition.  For this, you are all champions! We also offer a sincere thanks to the many pilots who chose to fly Carden aircraft in the 2014 IMAC World Championships, and a special congratulations to Unlimited pilot Kurt Koelling, and Intermediate pilot Tony Gorgone for winning their respective classes and earning the moniker of "IMAC World Champion."

(L - R) Kurt Koelling - 2014 Unlimited World Champion

Tony Gorgone - 2014 Intermediate World Champion

2014 IMAC World Championships Gallery

Pilot's Projects

Updated 4/2/2017

Bill Evans and his 126" Extra 300.


Jeremy Jackson with his re-conditioned Edge 540.

Drew Rousseau with his 124" Extra 300.


Cam Shahrdar and his 124" Extra 300.

Carden Flicks

If you have links to your Carden in-flight we would be happy to post them here.

Click the film to go to the videos page.

Featured Products and Accessories

J & J Tailwheels

Engineered R/C Excellence

Traditional steering or direct drive steering.


Go to the Tailgear Page

Carden Aircraft's Compression Spring Kits - Now in 3 Sizes!

The perfect compliment to any of the high quality tailwheels we offer.  Beefy, yet light, springs for giant scale planes.  These springs will tighten with more rudder deflection - based on the same concept used in full scale planes, these springs make it easy to taxi in the wind.

Small (up to 25% planes) - $13.00 

Med (25% - 43% planes) - $15.00 

Large (50% planes) - $18.00 

Wing Bags-by-Caroline

New Products!

Extra  Large (43%+)

Tail Covers

Wing-Bag Specials!

Carden Aircraft currently has a few one-off wing bags on sale at great prices! 

Click here for more info

New Wingbag Size!

We now offer an additional 100cc / 35% size wing bag (35% Type B).  These bags fit the Carden 100cc class aircraft, Aeroworks 100cc Extras, and many other 35% aircraft.

Click here for more info

100's of Wingbags in stock in 9 colors.

-  Back by popular demand, 43% bags and the 46% H9 Ultimate Bags.  These bags also fit many other bi-planes.

-  Our 45% Wing Bags are a perfect fit on the 40% ToC Yak 54!

Wing Bag Specs Here

See Wingbag testimonials Here

Don't forget to order your FREE Wingbags Logo stickies with your order


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