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The CUDA excels at precision aerobatics and 3D with very easy and quiet canister muffler capability.

The Carden Cuda features quick, easy to build, and easy to repair (though we hope you never have to) construction.  As with all Carden kits, replacement parts are in stock and only a phone call away.

Span 80"
Area  1450
Length 82"
Weight +or- 16lbs
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Visit Aeroprotect Corp for a great 
Construction review of John Mitchell's CUDA

 Photo's of Dick Held's Cuda

Easy external installation & inspection of MTW-75 Canister Muffler with DA-50 engine  makes for a very quiet combination.

Pre-cut cowl opening with 1/4" roll flange to stabilize cowl.  Cowl also accepts Pitts style/Stock Mufflers


The Cuda production prototype was built and flown by Terry Boston on the evening of 8/31/04.  Finished weight was 16 and one half pounds.   Terry says the plane flies great!  Excellent slow speed characteristics, a "puppy dog" to land . 

Terry passed the transmitter around to several guys in the local club as well.  

Production will begin as soon as we return from the Dayton fly-in.  First (double) run is sold out and we are taking deposits on the second run.


From: andrew
To: Dennis
Sent: Monday, September 06, 2004 9:53 PM
Subject: Cuda
Dennis and Caroline,
I just wanted to see how you guys were after getting back from the DOG show.

I wanted to really let you know how I feel about the CUDA. I really really really like it. It fly's great.

I think of it as a Artistic Aerobatic plane. It just has that mix of precision and 3d. Rolling harriers are great. It is unbelievable stable. Just thought I would let you know how I thought of it as we really didn't get to talk that much.

Also, the plane surely didn't feel like 16 pounds it floated like about 3 pounds. 16 pounds for this wing area is amazing.

Thanks a ton,  Andrew Jesky

Sent: Monday, September 13, 2004 

Subject: Re: Cuda

Sorry about taking so long to respond, Our IMAA event was over the weekend. It
kept me very busy.

I feel the Carden Cuda is an incredible plat form for introductory in to giant scale aerobatic aircraft. It is incredibly stable and tracks great in loops, point rolls, knife edge, slow rolls, just about any pattern type maneuver. But click over to high rates and hang on!

The Cuda lives up to the Carden name and reputation. It performs tourque rolls, blenders,
rolling harriers and water falls with good throttle and elevator management. And it has the fastest roll rate of any 50 cc size plane I've flown.

 The Cuda will be a hit. It fills the gap between the smooth flight characteristic of the Extra
and the all out 3D ability of the Edge. And comes in a very affordable and manageable size.
Pete Rosas
e Crestwood Dr.
Council Bluffs, IA


Carden Cuda





Wing Area



50cc class


 your choice

Price    $599.00

The CUDA made it's debut at the 2004 Toledo Show

CUDA Gallery1 | 35% Edge540 | 35% Extra 330S

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